Hefei Jiusi holds employee safety knowledge training and on-site fire drills
From: Time:2024-01-30 10:09:00

To enhance employee safety awareness and safety operation skills, equip employees with the necessary safety production knowledge for their job, prevent safety accidents, and ensure the safe and smooth progress of production. On the afternoon of December 12th, the company organized safety education and training for employees, as well as on-site fire drills.

Through the explanation of safety knowledge, the display of some accident pictures, and the analysis of some past safety accident cases across the country, the training requires everyone to carefully study and learn from them, ensuring their own safety while also ensuring the safety of colleagues and company property.

The company has always attached great importance to the importance of safety production, using various forms such as pre shift meetings, safety warning signs, promotional slogans, and safety training to widely carry out safety education, constantly reminding employees not to forget safety production, promoting safety education to enter the mind and heart, and urging employees to develop good safety behavior habits.

I hope that through this safety production training, everyone can have a deeper understanding of the importance of safety production, understand what safety issues to pay attention to in daily work, enhance their awareness of prevention, improve their ability to prevent accidents, and always pay attention to the importance of safety production.

Hefei Jiusi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to provide similar training and activities to ensure that employees have sufficient safety awareness and skills in their work, providing a solid foundation for the stable development of the company.