Company delivery capability
From: Time:2023-12-29 14:25:00
Question 1: What is the company's annual production capacity

Answer: Our annual production capacity includes:

100000 pieces. 2 " × 2. The thin film metallization and pattern preparation ability of ceramic substrates

30000 pieces and 4.5 pieces.

Question 2: What process capabilities does the company have

Answer: We have multiple process capabilities, including but not limited to:

TaN resistance technology

Side metallization and graphic preparation

Prefabricated gold and tin

HTCC+thin film metallization

Special function areas such as solder mask

Question 3: How does the company ensure product quality

Answer: Our inspection capabilities cover multiple aspects, including but not limited to:

Product appearance and feature size inspection

Electrical testing

Measurement of membrane thickness

Film adhesion test

Gold wire bonding detection

Welding and cutting, etc

Question 4: Has the company passed the system certification

Answer: Yes, we have passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system